We Award $1,000 Grants to Student Film Projects

We accept submissions from students year round until funds for the year have exhausted.

(This Grant Project Begins March 15, 2023)



Ark & Pillar's goal is to help student filmmakers produce modern, compelling films that are grounded in sound biblical doctrine.

We accept proposals from students who are enrolled in college and actively pursing a degree in cinematography or a closely related major, or students in a church-led discipleship or Christian-based educational program who are independent filmmakers. We award grants to works-in-progress. We do not accept films in pre-production.

At this time, we only provide funding for short film projects. Films should be a maximum of 40 mins in length. Keep in mind that some film festivals limit submissions to films that are less than 40 mins. If you plan to submit your film to a film festival, we suggest you check festival requirements and plan accordingly. 



The proposed film should have a strong narrative to intrigue audiences about Jesus Christ and testify of His love, grace, and power. Characters should be interesting and engaging, and there should be good use of imagery to tell a compelling story. Don't be afraid to add grit and excitement. Christian films can be humorous, daring, and imaginative. However, you should be careful not to offend. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in your creation!

Please include the following information in your proposal package:

  • Name and contact information of the student making the film

  • A short bio of the student filmmaker

  • A synopsis of the film and log line

  • Sizzle reel, concept video, or rough cut of one scene

  • Final Itemized Budget

  • Link to previously created film (optional)

  • Reference letter (pastoral)*

*Ark & Pillar is a Christian organization with a mission to proliferate the production of Christian films. To ensure we are funding films that are created in the scope of biblical doctrine and not misinterpreted or misrepresented, we require a pastoral reference as a part of the grant awards process.

The submission form will open March 15, 2023 and will be featured on this webpage. 

Student Film Proposals