Ark & Pillar, Inc wishes to provide film content based on Biblical principles to everyone for FREE.  This is no small order; the cooperative planning, action, and funding of film production need talented Christians who can dedicate time to the gospel of Jesus Christ and God Almighty.


This is where you come in; through volunteers like yourself, linking our shields of faith to accomplish the mission of Ark & Pillar becomes possible. We ask for your support to become co-workers in excellence and truth. Join us in our mission by applying to join our team today.


We're just getting started, so we have many roles to fill. We would be so honored to have you on our team. If any of our positions interest you, please apply.

Thank You!


Board of Directors

Directors have superintendence and direction  over all affairs of the corporation. 

We are actively seeking a

Board Treasurer, who will oversee all budgeting and expenditures of the organization.

Committee Officer

Committee Officers are responsible for overseeing committees, facilitating meetings and assessments, encouraging active participation and engagement, and steering the committees towards positive outcomes.

Committee Member

Committee Members will be responsible for reviewing and determining effectiveness and best practices of the organization, voting on matters critical to the organization, and formulating strategies for membership growth.

Ad Hoc
Committee Member

Ad hoc Committee Members serve as voting members and decisionmakers in lieu of an absent member or in emergency situations.

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