Ark & Pillar is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of spiritual and creative leaders, all who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The board operates with the purpose of growing God’s kingdom and fulfills that purpose through the use of multimedia technology and cinematic ministries.

The board is accountable to the community for acting consistently with the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws and applicable law and regulation. Directors exercise the power vested in them in good faith and honesty in order to further the purposes for which the organization was created, and the achievement of the organization’s mission and vision. They act as stewards in the best interests of the organization, ensuring that the organization’s charitable resources are used in a reasonable, appropriate and legally accountable manner; and do so under God, for his sake, and in accordance to his Holy Word. 

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Daniel Solomon is married to his wife, Stephanie Solomon; They have two beautiful children (daughter Ki-Yah and son Amari). Daniel is a motivated take-charge leader in his own right. He has earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Finance from Stratford University, an Associate of Arts in Business Administration from Columbia Southern University, and a Graduate Certificate of Completion in Audio Production from Full Sail University. 

He is also a serial business owner alongside his wife, Stephanie. Their company, Solomon & Solomon Enterprises, LLC. A dynamic company that is operating a Christian Record Label (Spirit-Led Records), Marital Coaching, and Counseling Firm (Our Forever Together), and their ministerial outreach for training and mentorship in the word of God (Ideal Path Ministries). In his spare time, Daniel also offers his many media talents to local churches in the community. He believes that it is his reasonable service to give back with all that God has gifted him.

Daniel Solomon  Vice President

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Stephanie Solomon is married to her husband, Daniel Solomon; she has two beautiful children (son Amari and daughter Ki-Yah). Stephanie is an accomplished young woman. She has earned a Bachelor's degree in Applied Behavioral Science from Ashford University, a Certificate of completion in American Sign Language from Tidewater Community College, and a Certificate in Discipleship and Spiritual Direction from Wesley Biblical Seminary College. 


She is also a serial business owner alongside her husband, Daniel. Their company, Solomon & Solomon Enterprises, LLC. It is a dynamic holding company operating a Christian Record Label, Marital Coaching, and Counseling Firm, and Ideal Path Ministries, their ministerial outreach for training and mentorship in the word of God. She is also heavily active in her community if that is not enough. She combines her love for children and her education credentials, working full time as a Special Education Aide for Williamsburg James City County Schools. She focuses on working with children suffering from behavioral issues, autism, and those who are hard of hearing or deaf. She believes that it is her reasonable service to give back with all that God has gifted her.

Stephanie Solomon  Secretary


Ramona Schwalbach is an actress, singer, and songwriter.  She has been in numerous movies, choirs such as The Harmony Project, church choirs, and live theater. She has a passion to use her God given talents to touch lives, be it through song or acting. She has four children, seven grandchildren, and she is very active in their lives.  She  loves to participate in numerous creative projects and is always willing to help others.

Ramona Schwalbach  Committee Chair

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Adrianne Clark   President

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Adrianne Clark has a deep commitment to the Lord and the body of Christ. She has the heart of a servant and the resoluteness of a leader. Being led by the vision that God gave her, Adrianne founded Ark & Pillar and began fulfilling her duty as a soul-winner through media ministry. Her call to elicit transformation in lost souls and to grow the body of Christ will forever be her charge.

Adrianne is a veteran of the United States Army, a Columbus, Ohio native and Ohio State University graduate. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, a Minor in Security and Intelligence, and she maintains a high aptitude for technology as a full stack java developer.  She enjoys spending quality time with her four children and is active in her church, and enjoys the fellowship that communion brings.






The Advisory Committee is responsible for evaluating existing committee structures for effectiveness and best practices, contributing to program outcomes through value-driven insights and advice, and strategic advocacy.

The Finance Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures, fundraising plans, and the annual budget with staff and other board members.  

The Members Committee is responsible for discussing, formulating and implementing strategies for membership growth, awards, incentives, benefits, community, and networking opportunities.




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